Bicycle Space Leasing Form

Please use this form to renew or request a year 
lease for a Bicycle Parking Space

Please review the 0707 - Revised - Parking Garage Policy Resolution section V outlined below and submit your payment of $10/year for each space to the management office as soon as you have time.  Please note that because of the high volume of requests, bicycle spaces on P1 are leased by request only and are at priced at $20/year because they can store 2 bikes.


   A.            Approved Bicycles

Only approved bicycles properly registered in the Association office may be stored in the bicycle storage space assigned to such Rhapsody Condominium resident. A bicycle is defined as a vehicle consisting of a metal frame on two spoked wheels one behind the other and having a seat, handlebars for steering, and two pedals by which it is driven. No other bicycles or bicycle parts can be stored in the bicycle area.

   B.            Registration

All Owners shall have a right to obtain the use of a bicycle storage space provide a space is available and provided the Owner otherwise registers their bicycle as required by this Policy. All Owners with the right to use a bicycle storage space shall register their bicycle in person with the Association office by submitting the Rhapsody Bicycle Storage Application, attached to this policy as Exhibit B. Each resident who registers their bicycle is required to provide the Association with the resident's name, unit number, and contact information. Each registered bicycle will receive a sticker at registration to be placed on the bicycle. Registration will be on a first come first serve basis for a term of one year. The annual registration fee will need to be paid upon registration.

   C.            Guest Bicycle Storage

There will be no storage of unregistered bicycles in any bicycle storage space.

   D.            Bicycle Condition

All registered bicycles must be in usable condition and used regularly. Bicycles must also fit within the area provided and not unduly contact other registered bicycles.

   E.            Placement of Bicycle on Assigned Storage Space

Residents must use the assigned space and there is no space switching allowed. Registered bicycles must have locks on their cable going through the rear wheel and locking to the Wall Hook only. The Registration sticker must be placed on the bicycle at all times.

   F.            Replacement of registration sticker replacement of registration stickers will result in a $25.00 fee.


   A.            Indemnity

Bicycles are stored at the owners risk and indemnity provisions apply in accordance with Section IV. Subsection B. of this policy.

   B.            Scope of Enforcement

Bicycles improperly stored or deemed abandoned by management shall be removed by management and immediately donated to charity. In addition, the provisions under part IV. Subsection D. of this policy also applies to bicycle storage violations.


The rules and regulations set forth in this policy resolution supersede and replace all rules and regulations set forth in any prior Vehicle and Parking Policy.

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Failure to remove your bicycle upon request will result in removal of your bicycle by management. (check box once read):*
All unattended or unpermitted bikes will be donated to charity. (check box once read):*
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